Jose Zaragoza


Website Usability and Accessibility Audit

Dr. Chang Dentistry

Tucson, AZ

  • Performed user testing for new and existing patients on homepage.
  • Identified with client the main goals of their customer base when visiting the website and made sure those goals were clearly presented on the homepage.
  • Identified areas of improvement for user experience and made recommendations accordingly.
  • Performed AA and AAA level acessbility audits and recommended design changes to ensure website met accessiblity web standards
  • All recommendations improved website performance without adding additional cost to client for web development, as they were simple but effective changes.
  • Recommendations were presented to client in a Google Slides presentation, showing the improvements and how they would look on the website.

Website Recommendations:

  1. Reduce banner height so more content was above the fold of the webpage.
  2. Increase contrast of button background color so white text was more readable. Contrast is important for accessibility.
  3. Call to Actions are visually distinct from other content and above the fold, as in the CTA for new pateints to call the office is the first thing a user sees aside from the name of the business and logo. The user knows what to do immediately and does not have to search around the page.

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